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Minecraft Block Recipes

Name Ingredients Input > Output
Ore Blocks Gold Ingots, Iron Ingots, Diamonds and Lapis Lazuli Dye Crafting Ore Blocs from Ingots 
Turn ingots or diamonds into a placeable block. Can be used for storage or to show off.
Emerald Block Emerald Crafting Emerald Block 
Turn ingots or diamonds into a placeable block. Can be used for storage or to show off.
Glowstone Block Glowstone Dust Crafting Glowstone 
Glowstone gives off more light than a torch and will melt nearby snow and ice. Breaking a brimstone block will 2-4 Glowstone Dust back.
Redstone Lamp Redstone & Glowstone Block Crafting Redstone Lamp 
Light source when powered by redstone.
TNT Block Gunpowder and Sand Crafting TNT from Sulphur and Sand 
Causes an explosion and breaks apart blocks near it.
Wool String Crafting Wool from String 
Used as a building material and can be colored with dyes. This recipe is not efficient because Wool can be easily obtained from Sheep.
Clay Block Clay Crafting Clay Block from Clay 
Store of clay and building material.
Brick Block Clay Bricks Crafting Brick from Clay Bricks 
Strong bulding material.
Stone Brick Stone Crafting Stone Brick from Stone 
Used as a building material.
Snow Block Snowballs Crafting Snow Block from Snowballs 
Used as a building material or snowball storage.
Bookshelf Wooden Planks and Books Crafting Bookshelf from Wood and Books 
Used as decoration.
Sandstone Block Sand Crafting Sandstone from Sand 
Used as a building block.
Smooth Sandstone Sandstone Block Crafting Smooth sandstone 
Used as a building block.
Decorative Sandstone Sandstone Slabs Crafting Sandstone Slabs 
Building material.
Wooden Slabs Wooden Planks Crafting Steps from Wooden Planks 
Used to create gradual slopes.
Stone Slabs Stone or Sandstone or Stone Brick or Brick or Cobblestone Crafting Steps from Cobblestone 
Used to create gradual slopes.
Stairs Wooden Planks or Cobblestone Crafting Stairs from Wood or Cobblestone 
Stairs take up less space than steps.
Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin and Torch Crafting Jack-O-Lantern 
Acts as a torch, but emits more light. Can stay lit underwater.

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